Woman Adopts Stray Cat That Won’t Leave Her Dad’s Gravesite

It’s often said that you don’t adopt a cat but rather your cat adopts you. Personally, I agree with that sentiment.

I really do think it’s the cats that choose us rather than the other way around. Every cat that I’ve ever had, has just come into my life as if they picked me to be their own.

Photo: TikTok/@jadasezer

But there is one cat adoption story that truly sends the shivers down your spine with how perfectly serendipitous it is. I know that there are coincidences in life, but this doesn’t sound like a coincidence but more like a fated encounter. And it all happened at a cemetery.

One woman had gone to visit her father’s grave. She was there for a little while when she ended up encountering a surprise visitor: a stray cat!

Photo: TikTok/@jadasezer

The little feline just turned up, almost as if it just came out of nowhere, and walked right up to her. Not only was it really friendly, but he made himself right at home on her lap within minutes!

The woman shared on TikTok that the cap jumped up and cuddled on her lap and refused to move the whole time that she was at the gravesite.

Photo: TikTok/@jadasezer

Needless to say, when it was time for her to leave she couldn’t go without taking the cat with her. After a trip to the vet’s office, it turned out that the cat was not microchipped, so she adopted him!

She named him Yoshi and after sharing his adoption story on TikTok, many users agreed that Yoshi was special, and it was fate that brought the two of them together.

Photo: TikTok/@jadasezer

One TikToker commented, “Dad sent Yoshi to you.”

Echoing the sentiment that Yoshi was a gift from beyond to comfort her, someone else added, “That cat is a gift from your dad.”

Watch the video down below:

@jadasezer Welcome to the family Yoshi #catlover #adoptedcatsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Bella ☮︎

What do you think of Yoshi’s adoption story? Do you have something similar? Let us know!

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