Woman Adopts Kitten For Rescue Cat Who Lost Her Own

The maternal instinct is strong – even amongst animals. So, when one cat lost her kittens, it was a devastating blow for her.

Lulu is a little street cat who was pregnant. Sadly, her body was too small to handle the pregnancy, so she ended up losing her kittens.

Photo: TikTok/@ginahasacat

It was quite sad, and Lulu was left devastated. Not knowing what to do, Lulu’s owner, Gina, thought of ways to try and make Lulu happy.

That is when Gina got the idea to get Lulu a kitten. It worked quite well – more than she could have imagined.

Photo: TikTok/@ginahasacat

Lulu absolutely loved her new kitten. She adopted the tiny black fur ball as though it were her own. It is clear to see that Lulu thinks of herself as the kitty’s new mom. And that is just so sweet!

Gina made a TikTok video detailing their newfound relationship. Needless to say, the TikTok video blew up with so many people watching it and commenting on it. It was so heartfelt and touching, that many viewers were moved to tears.

Photo: TikTok/@ginahasacat

One person commented, “I’m sobbing.”

While another added, “I’m out here crying on the subway.”

And I have to admit that I teared up a little bit while watching this, then rewatched it again and properly cried.

Watch the emotional TikTok video down below:

@ginahasacat Its not my kitten its Lulu’s kitten #sad #cat #kitten #cute #love #sozforallthesadtiktoks ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

Did you need a tissue to get through that video?

What do you think of this cat’s reaction to the kitten? Have you ever seen something similar? Let us know!

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