Ice-Covered Gift Shop Goes Viral For Looking Eerily Beautiful

It’s a picture straight out of a fairy tale!

One gift shop in Wisconsin froze people in place as it mesmerized onlookers with its natural and unintended winter decorations.

Simply Scandinavian is a waterfront gift shop located in Gills Rock, Wisconsin. They became viral because of the consequences of an intense storm that the area suffered around Christmas time.

Their Facebook page posted a video of the waves hitting their gift shop before the little place went viral. The place is still pretty to look at, even without the ice covering their little shop.

2 days after posting the video above, the page posted an update on their quaint gift shop, which had been covered in a thick layer of ice after the onslaught of freezing water waves.

What they didn’t expect was for those pictures to go viral and attract visitors to their gift shop.

“Saw some pictures on Facebook and we thought it would look pretty cool, so we decided to come up and take a look,” said tourist Julie Paske.

Although people are amazed by how the gift shop looked, some concerned citizens are asking about the condition of the building, wondering how it could hold up with all the ice covering it and hoping that the building survives this icy ordeal.

The gift shop responded to a person asking how the ice did not damage the building and said that not much could be done to avoid it. The historic building faced a historic blizzard, so they can only hope for their building to hold on until the warmer seasons.

“The ice of this magnitude is not typical. We are hoping some of it will thaw in the coming days to ease the weight on this little shop,” said the Simply Scandinavian Facebook page.

Here’s what the shop looks like from the back, in its ‘winter robe’ as their Facebook page calls it.

With the tourists coming to the place at Gills Rock to witness the magical scene, nearby areas are also affected. A traffic jam couldn’t be helped, but along with it comes various customers that have bought out nearby establishments.

“It’s been a traffic jam. There have been cars going by just steady and kind of bought us out of smoked fish with all the people coming to Gills Rock,” said Charlie Voight, co-owner of Charlie’s Smokehouse, an establishment just a minute’s walk away from Simply Scandinavian.

“We’ve been around here for 80 years, and it’s just the first time it’s been that heavy on there,” Voight said when asked about the possibly damaging ice buildup covering their town.

The latest update we have on the seasonal gift shop is from their post at the start of the new year. They said that there’s been no damage so far, and we’re hoping for the best – that the gift shop survives its icy coat undamaged. Will definitely put visiting this place on my bucket list!

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