Be Practical and Fabulous at the Same Time! Learn to Layer Your Clothes!

Climate change is making the world’s weather systems worse! Now, summers are hotter while winters are harsher and colder.

So, if you want to be fully prepared while saving money for other necessities, learning to layer your clothes is the thing to do!

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Heed this valuable advice from u/ButtholeBanquets who posted it on Reddit’s LifeProTips. When layering your clothes, OP says you should think of them in terms of 3 functions:

  1. Base layer. This is the innermost layer, the clothing that’s in touch with your skin. The base layer must provide moisture while being sufficiently thin, so you can add more layers over it. Wicking materials are excellent, along with Merino wool socks, long-sleeve moisture-wicking shirts, and long underwear.
  2. Photo: YouTube/MissAlex
  3. Middle Layer. The function of this layer is insulation. The clothing keeps your body’s warm air from escaping. The right material for this layer is a fleece zipped top.
  4. Outer layer. This outermost clothing keeps the wind from sweeping off your body’s warm air. It also prevents rain and snow from seeping into your middle and base layers of clothes. This wind- or rain-resistant layer should be easy to remove so that you can de-layer anytime you feel warmer. Perfect matches for this outer clothing are gloves, hats, and moisture-resistant footwear.
Photo: YouTube/MissAlex

According to OP, it is important to wear layers of clothes that are easy to remove and put on. This is because you may have to delayer and put on the layers again depending on temperature changes during the day. Don’t get tired of removing layers to avoid sweating because it can rapidly result in frostbite. And when the day turns cloudy or chilly again, just put the layers back on.

It should be remembered that clothes layering can also be done when the weather is rainy or unpredictable. Just plan ahead so you’ll always have comfort and warmth while safeguarding your health.

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