Unique Birdfeeder Brings The Action Right Into Your Home

Many people have a birdfeeder, and they do so for various reasons. Some have birdfeeders to ensure the birds have enough to eat, and others so that they can watch the birds near their home.

If you are somebody who loves birds and enjoys feeding them, then this unique birdfeeder is going to change the way you do it.

Photo: YouTube/Mik Zenon

Rather than attaching a feeder to a hook and hanging it in a tree, you attach it to your window and bring the birds right in.

Of course, when you use the In-Home Window Bird Feeder, you are not actually having them come in and fly around in your home. That would be a mess, and although some people may enjoy it, cleaning up would not be a treat.

Photo: YouTube/Mik Zenon

This feeder does bring them into your home, but it does so by way of a window feeder that gives you a 180° view of the birds as they are feeding.

The feeder fits into a single or double-hung window, and the feeding area is a half circle extending into the home slightly. You can fill the feeder with a half pound of seed and watch the birds as they enjoy it to the full.

Photo: YouTube/Mik Zenon

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy feeding birds but wanted to get closer to them, you can use the in-home window bird feeder. It is available from the Birds Sanctuary Etsy shop or on Wayfair.

You can check out the video below to see the feeder in action:

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