Will Smith Freaks Out After Finding Massive Spider In His House

A couple weeks ago, I had a scary encounter with a spider. Its body was about the size of a quarter, and had legs for days. And it was fast – it disappeared under the skirting board before I had a chance to catch it.

But my experience was nothing compared to Will Smith’s spider encounter which was just downright terrifying.

Photo: Instagram/@willsmith

The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star caught the entire thing on camera, sharing with his followers that he ended up at “a Holiday Inn” following the incident.

In the video, Smith can be heard exclaiming, “What the whole hell? That is a big-a** spider!”

As it turned out, it was a tarantula, which ended up really freaking him out – and we totally get it! In fact, Smith himself had nothing to do with the capture of the arachnid, instead, leaving that task up to his son, Trey.

Photo: Instagram/@willsmith

While Smith stood on a chair trying to get away from the spider, he told Trey, “C’mon, you’re young and strong. You can handle the bite.”

It was then up to Trey to wrangle the spider into a big glass – all while his dad looked on in horror. Afterward, the two tried to slip a piece of paper under the bottom of the glass, which caused Smith to absolutely lose it. Eventually, they were able to get the unwanted houseguest out of their home.

Photo: Instagram/@willsmith

Trey can be heard on camera saying, “So that’s the biggest spider we’ve ever seen in our lives.”

Meanwhile, Smith added, “I don’t like it at all. We’re selling the house.”

The two shared the experience on Instagram, and the comments came flooding in. One person agreed with Will that they wouldn’t be able to stay in the house after such an experience. While someone else wrote, “Nope. Nope. Nope at all. All that s**t has to burn now.”

Even Smith’s wife Jada commented, stating, “That’s HIS house now.”

What do you think of Will Smith’s spider experience? Have you ever had one of your own? Let us know!

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