Wildlife Rehabilitator Moves Baby Raccoons To Reunite Them With Mom

Working with animals can be a tough but rewarding job. When in the wildlife space, you just never know what type of call you’re going to deal with.

Sometimes, you may be faced with challenging or heartbreaking situations, but other times, you might get to enjoy some cute faces and unique experiences!

Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management

A wildlife rescuer in Canada recently got the chance to interact with some baby raccoons and the ensuing footage is nothing short of adorable.

In the video, shared on YouTube by ViralSnare Rights Management, you can see the worker moving around some baby raccoons so they can be reunited with their mom.

Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management

The woman stands on a ladder as she grabs the tiny baby and goes to put it in a new location.

According to Humane Wildlife Removal, baby raccoons have the best chance of survival when being raised by their mother. However, various circumstances can result in orphaned or abandoned raccoons that need some wildlife rehabilitation or intervention.

Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management

It’s unclear why the baby raccoons in the video below need to be moved, perhaps the family was encroaching on someone’s home or personal space. Either way, we’re glad that professionals were called the babies will soon be reunited with their mom!

You can see the baby raccoons for yourself in the video below:

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