Kind Strangers Rescue Wild Horse Trapped In 6-Foot Deep Swamp Hole

Volunteers with Help Alberta Wildlife Society managed to save the life of a wild horse that’d become trapped in a deep muddy hole.

The organization works to protect free-roaming bands of wild horses and as part of their work, they roam the forests looking for foals and other wild horses that might need some help.

Photo: Facebook/Help Alberta Wildies Society

It’s a good thing they do because, during one recent foal hunt, they discovered a wild horse that had fallen into a 5 to 6-foot deep hole.

HAWS shared about the rescue on Facebook, explaining that the young gilly had about 75% of its body submerged in muskeg when she was spotted.

Photo: Facebook/Help Alberta Wildies Society

The hole she was stuck in was 5 to 6 feet deep and surrounded by ice. It wasn’t going to be an easy rescue given the circumstances, but the HAWS members were prepared. They wrote in the post:

“We always carry lots of gear, and with the power of the winches, were able to pull her out. We were totally amazed that with four humans and a whole bunch of straps and such working on her, the only real thing on her mind was eating.”

After 45 minutes of intense work, they were finally able to free the horse!

Photo: Facebook/Help Alberta Wildies Society

“She appeared to be in pretty good shape overall, and would likely be dried off within the hour. Her band had left her behind but I think she will likely hook up soon,” they wrote.

Along with the rescue story, HAWS shared a video of the horse being freed from the mud. Check out the video below:

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