Widow Shuts Down Dead Husband’s Mistress When She Wants to Attend the Funeral

When it comes to being shameless, mistresses are no. 1.

Not only that, but they don’t care about hurting other people, including innocent children, just to satisfy their wicked lust.

Cheating husbands and mistresses are among those most hateful in the eyes of God. These immoral people don’t give a damn about what society may say, but there’s no escape for them from eternal damnation for their grievous sins.

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This woman and her eldest son are filled with grief after discovering her spouse’s infidelity. And she made the right decision to get her husband’s mistress removed from his funeral to prevent more heartbreak and scandal. Contrary to what Melody Chadamoyo, relationship coach, author, and CEO and founder of a relationship coaching service at Heart Passion Institute advised when this story was published in Newsweek, this wife has no moral obligation to the woman who was having an illicit affair with her husband.

This is the full story, as shared by this wife on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum, under the username u/MyMomo20: “Three weeks ago, my husband died in a car accident halfway across the country. He said he was going to a work trip, but we later found out that all of that was just another one of his lies, and he was actually on a cheating trip. Something he’d seemingly been doing for at least the past five years. So yeah… It’s been a very fun few weeks. Feel fantastic. Our kids are 7f, 14m, and 19m. Only the eldest knows about the affair, and we all agreed to keep it to ourselves.”

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However, according to OP, who wanted to spare her other kids from further pain, the problem came up when her husband’s mistress contacted her so she could attend his funeral. OP said no. To that immoral woman, it wasn’t enough that she ruined OP’s family. Now, she even wanted the whole world to know that she was the woman whom this dead married man fancied after getting tired of his wife.

Was OP’s NO enough to prevent this immoral creature from coming to her lover’s funeral? OP wrote, “She was there when we arrived at the graveyard, standing some distance away, but she was still close enough to everyone to just make her stand out, as if she wants to be seen. I told my brother, and he removed her without causing too much of a scene. Afterward, she sent me a text which summarised basically called me selfish for blocking her from being there and saying I robbed her of the chance to say goodbye properly.”

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OP admitted that, after that text, it slightly bothered her. Did she really do something wrong to that woman? Did she deprive her of the chance to say a final goodbye?

But OP feels she had made the right decision: “I still believe I did what was right and put my kids first. She had no business there, and her presence would only cause drama. She could always go to his grave whenever she wants to say goodbye.”

Reddit commenters sympathized with this wife and her kids, totally agreeing that she did the right thing. They also slammed her husband’s mistress so hard for her lack of shame and empathy. She just wanted to make a show to fill up the void in her ego for being a mere second woman.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio
Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

Indeed, Reddit commenters have more wisdom than Chadamoyo, who made a suggestion that OP should consider this mistress’s position. She told Newsweek, “Chances are the mistress was also an innocent victim in this situation. If the wife didn’t know, what makes her think the mistress knew? Does the wife know the full story, or is she taking her anger out on the person she can see? Maybe the wife needs to do some deep healing work to free herself from the pain of living with a cheating spouse. I don’t think she should have banned her from the funeral.”

This is contrary to what’s written in the Bible. Even if this other woman was just a victim of OP’s lying husband, she should have stepped back after learning that her lover had a family. The revelation might have hurt her, but if she’s truly a compassionate person with a sense of moral values, she would have known that OP, as the wife, is hurting far more than she is. This other woman should have also considered the feelings of OP’s innocent kids, whom — if she were really a good person — she should spare from further heartache.

Being a “victim,” as Chadamoyo wanted to emphasize, does not give a mere mistress the right to impose her wishes on the legal family. She should be repenting and correcting her mistake — and leaving the family that she and her immoral lover had seriously hurt in peace.

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