A Grumpy Dwarf Cat With The Most Adorable Frown Is Making People Smile Online

If you’ve been around the Internet for any length of time, you probably are familiar with Grumpy Cat. That adorable cat, who was named Tardar Sauce, filled our lives with smiles. Grumpy Cat may have been grumpy, but we know there was a lot of love behind the frown.

Unfortunately, Grumpy Cat is no longer with us but now we have another cat that is equally adorable and ready to work his way into your heart. I’d like to introduce you to Widget, a dwarf cat with the most adorable frown you’ve ever seen:

According to The Dodo, Widget arrived at the Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee after a litter of strays was dropped off. Fortunately, the other cats in the litter were healthy and properly sized but Widget was a little on the small side.

It seems as if Widget has some genetic issues that keep her body and limbs from growing properly. She is dealing with dwarfism, but what she lacks in size, she is making up for in cuteness.

When you look at Widget, you’re likely to notice that she has something that many other cats don’t have. She has a frown on her face and it’s permanent.

Fortunately, her health problems and the frown on her face didn’t keep a kindhearted individual from taking notice of her needs. It was actually a volunteer from the shelter, Michelle Roberts, and although she didn’t work at the shelter any longer, they did call her for some assistance.

When special needs kittens arrive at the shelter, the shelter calls Michelle. She got a call about Widget, and she knew that she would be the right person to foster her.

In fact, she decided to foster all of the siblings but she fell in love with Widget’s little frown so she decided to adopt her and give her a forever home.

Speaking with The Dodo, Michelle said that the little kitten was smarter than her siblings.

She went on to say: “She weighed less than the other cats and just really wasn’t growing. You could also tell that her legs were very short and ‘chonky’ and she certainly had that ‘Grumpy Cat’ look. I instantly fell in love.”

Eventually, the other kittens in the litter were adopted out to forever homes. Widget, on the other hand, was going to be a part of Michelle’s home from that point forward.

As it turns out, Widget is more than a frown face. She has a sassy personality and loves attention as well. She knew that other homes may not be able to provide for her special needs, so she adopted her and gave her the home that she needed.

Widget is now 7 pounds and fully grown. She’s a beautiful lap cat and although she is frowning, we know there’s a big smile behind it. You can keep up with her on Instagram, @widgetthemidget2020.

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