Survey Shows The Average Person Loses 10 Nights Of Sleep Every Month. Here’s Why

If it seems as if you haven’t been getting very much sleep lately, you are probably not very far off track. Between the stress that we experience and other difficulties in our lives, it is sometimes a wonder we get any sleep at all.

They say that misery loves company and thanks to a survey of 2000 adults, we see that we certainly are not alone when it comes to the amount of sleep that we get. In fact, there may be some things we can learn that could help us sleep better every night.

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For example, what can we do to sleep better? According to SWNS, 40% of those who were surveyed consider themselves to be very happy with their lives and they get excellent sleep. 43% also said that getting more sleep can increase their happiness, so it may just be a beautiful circle to be in.

Then again, the survey also found the average person loses about 10 nights of sleep every month. This could be for a wide variety of reasons, but the most common were a lack of quality sleep (45%), stress (43%), or lack of exercise/motivation (38%). Perhaps you see yourself in this at some point.

According to SWNS, the chief marketing officer at Vytalogy Wellness, Hanan Wajih had something to say on the subject. They said: “Living in the present can be hard because it means we have to put our worries about the past and future aside. Without a good night’s sleep, our concentration and productivity are impacted, causing us to worry and stress even more.”

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They went on to say that if you are able to get consistently good sleep, you wake up focused and feeling revitalized. This allows you to put your full attention on what you are doing at the time you are doing it.

This unique study was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Natrol, a company focused on selling sleep aids. Understanding why we sleep and why we don’t sleep is part of their business.

So, what happens when we do get a good night’s sleep? According to 71% of those asked, a good night’s sleep makes them feel like a superhero able to take on the world. Have you ever felt that way? You might want to thank getting enough sleep the night before.

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In order to get a good night’s sleep, people had to have the right things with them. Some of the top things that people had to have for a good sleep included comfy pillows (50%), the ideal room temperature (49%), no electronics before bed (34%), reading a book/listening to music (30%), and taking melatonin (25%).

Wajih continued to talk about how cracking the code to a good night sleep is impossible for the most part because of our busy lifestyles and attempts at multitasking. Focusing on our mental and physical well-being can help us, allowing us to align our body’s movements and thoughts to fall asleep faster.

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