Do You Know Why Cats Love Cardboard Boxes?

When you have a cat in the family, you really have a family member that is full of life. Then again, they are full of themselves in many ways as well.

One moment, a cat will be quietly laying in the sun, almost begging you to ignore him and walk on by. In the next moment, they will be running around the room with zoomies, playing with a strange piece of plastic or even better, with a cardboard box.

Photo: YouTube/Jackson Galaxy

That little cardboard box fact is the subject of a rather interesting video. You don’t have to have a feline in your life very long to learn that they love cardboard boxes. They will crawl in them, chew on them, and make them home as soon as one shows up.

In order to explain why cats love cardboard boxes so much, Jackson Galaxy decided to look into it. He should know a thing or two about the subject because he is a cat expert.

Photo: YouTube/Jackson Galaxy

When you find out the truth about why cats love cardboard boxes, you may not be all that surprised. It seems as if the boxes themselves provide cover, helping to trigger their hunting instincts and concealing them from anything that happens to be lurking nearby.

They also like smaller boxes because cats like to be warm. The body heat tends to stay within the box and if it is smaller, they like it even more.

Perhaps another reason why cats love boxes so much is that the enclosed space brings out their mischievous side. It really does seem as if a cardboard box is everything that a cat wants it to be.

Photo: YouTube/Jackson Galaxy

Of course, you can’t take things too far and expect them to be inside any enclosed area. If they make the decision to get inside a cardboard box, they will be in there as long as they like. Try to put one in a carrier, however, and you are in for a fight.

You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about why cats love cardboard boxes in this video:

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