Redditor’s Family Imitates This Wholesome Scene From Bob’s Burgers Because It “Does A Heart Good”

A short simple clip or even a set of pictures can be enough to intrigue someone into listening to a new song or a TV show.

I can attest to this because I’ve experienced it. I used to see so many memes that people have made using clips from Buzzfeed Unsolved before I finally decided to watch it, and I don’t regret succumbing to my curiosity.

Just recently, I came across a clip of a video podcast that was so chaotic that I might just check them out once I find the time. I don’t know these people, so I can’t really say if they’re worth listening to yet, but here are two clips that I’ve saved.

Enough of that. The point is I saw these clips, and I was intrigued.

Animated TV shows are fun as well, but most of them are either too childish or too crass for some people.

What is probably great for those adults that hate boorish humor is Bob’s Burgers. It’s a very wholesome show that revolves around the Belcher family, Bob and Linda with their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise. (No, I did not start watching it because I share the same name as one of the characters.) Since the show is geared more toward mature audiences, it contains adult-oriented humor, but there is only light swearing from time to time, plus the eldest daughter’s obsession with butts. However, viewers have also pointed out that the show has become more family-friendly in the later seasons.

Popular animated shows often have a dubious father that sometimes acts like a total buffoon, but Bob is a pretty upstanding dude so far, if you compare him to other cartoon dads. I’m only on season 5, and I have not seen any signs of cartoon abuse here. Linda is quite a colorful person who totally complements her husband’s pessimistic character, and she goes all in when it comes to her children. Now the children can be chaotic at times, but they’re a lovable bunch. If I were to have children, I’d want them to have a bond like what the Belcher kids have.

Quick summary of the Belcher kids – Tina is the oldest and probably the most awkward kid in the whole show, and Gene is the middle child and only son who’s chaotic, yet so devoted to his family and would often join the youngest and her devious plans, and Louise, who’s the youngest but also the most mischievously crafty character in the show.

I have a fave child, I’ll admit. Luckily, I’m not their mother, so I can say with confidence that Gene is my favorite.

Middle children are often portrayed as problematic, but Gene is definitely not that. Sure, he likes to tease his family from time to time, but who doesn’t? He encourages his sisters with whatever they have going on and protects them if needed.

“She’s too good for you,” Gene said in one episode where a guy tried to romance scam Tina out of some burgers, and you know what Gene said after? “But good enough for a lot of guys!”

Heh. I don’t know if he fell too short on that one or if was he just protecting his sister’s confidence… (He’s doing his best, everyone.)

Gene is adorable, and he doesn’t hide his love for music and his toilet routine, but he does hide his love for his family sometimes. Or so he thinks.

Bob’s Burgers. Very wholesome.
byu/IridicLarousse34 inwholesomememes

One comment said that it’s refreshing to see a family on TV that just likes each other. Another one commented that the scene above stuck with their family and they sometimes do it in their home!

“Sometimes we’ll just yell it from one room of the house, and then everyone else will chime in lol. Does a heart good,” they said.

And amen to that. An adult cartoon show doesn’t have to be edgy all the time. Bob’s Burgers can be goofy and silly, but it’s decent fun at the end of the day.

A parent reviewed the show and said that it’s better to preview the episodes if you plan on watching it with the whole family in case there are any inappropriate jokes, and while there are many potty jokes, “the kids always stick up for each other no matter what they are going through, and mom and dad are both very supportive of their kids with all they do. Very loving but realistic family dynamic. Definitely worth watching.”

The Belcher family deserves to be called the most wholesome family on TV. If you have some downtime, why not give this show a chance?

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