People Are Left in Awe After Seeing a Photo of a Majestic White Deer Shared on Twitter

Since centuries ago, humans have associated animals with symbolic meanings. Some are related to culture, while others represent personalities. Different countries included certain animals in their mythologies and folklore. They are considered magical creatures that bear the power of the gods. For instance, Egyptians highly regard cats because they are deemed sacred. They believed that felines bring wealth, especially to families that provided a home for them. Animals certainly play a huge role in the rich culture of different countries. It is only right to see them as powerful creatures that deserve respect. Closely seeing and interacting with animals, especially those from the wild, is a privilege.

Photo: Twitter/Akash Deep Badhawan, IFS

Aside from cats, a deer is another animal seen majestically by humans. Being surrounded by deer can make you feel like a character in a fantasy film. And there’s a reason why deer are often referenced in fantasy movies and literature. It’s due to the fact that various cultures depict them as a spiritual authority, the personification of myths, and they have a significant role in legends. That’s why suddenly seeing a deer in person can mean luck or good news. Then there’s also the white deer that rarely appears, making them even more special for humans. In Native American culture, a white deer is sacred and a symbol of good fortune.

Nowadays, seeing an albino deer is even more remarkable because most people don’t often go into the wild. You’ll mostly see them online, especially when someone shares the experience on social media. IFS officer Akash Deep Badhawan left people in awe after uploading a photo of a white deer on Twitter. In the caption, he wrote, “Staying true to its tagline, ‘Katarniaghat – Where rare is common.'” The majestic creature was still a fawn when the picture was taken and seemed to be strolling around with its parent and a sibling. Unlike regular deer that camouflage through the trees and grass, albinos have a striking presence, making it easier to spot them.

According to studies, albinism is due to the absence of melanin in the animal’s body. The recessive genes also mean white deer have a shorter lifespan compared to regular deer. Perhaps, it’s the reason they are rare and don’t have a large population. They are the hidden gems of nature with a breathtaking presence — showing how being unique from the rest of the group can make you look special. The tweet from IFS officer Badhawan is a reminder that animals will always remain majestic, even during the modern era. Humans still have a lot to discover. Such rarity is a beauty meant to be admired from afar. The picture taken by Pulkit Gupta from the Gharial Conservation Team is a treat for the eyes.

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