Whale Steals Wave From Unsuspecting Surfer In Australia

If you’ve been surfing before or are familiar with the culture, you probably know there’s an unspoken rule about taking someone’s wave. It’s just not what you do, but one massive whale in New South Wales missed that memo!

Photographer Daniel Cook was in Lennox Head in Australia when he captured the moment a minke whale stole a wave from an unsuspecting surfer.

Photo: Instagram/@the.drone.dc

Cook shared a video of the footage on his Instagram account dedicated to drone footage, @the.drone.dc.

In the caption, Cook explained that the surfer initially thought the whale was a Great White Shark, but the drone footage proved otherwise.

Photo: Instagram/@the.drone.dc

According to 9 News, Cook was originally flying his drone off the Byron Bay coast to look for dolphins, but he saw a pair of whales instead.

The whales were later identified as minke whales and Cook decided to follow them with his drone.

Photo: Instagram/@the.drone.dc

It’s a good thing he did because the footage of the whale catching waves alongside the surfers is simply incredible.

You can see it for yourself in the video below:

After the video was shared on social media, it quickly went viral and was viewed hundreds of thousands of times. We can only imagine how neat it was to be the surfers alongside the whale!

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