Woman Finds Mysterious “Sea Creature” On Beach And Discovers It’s A Whale Penis

TikTok user @bootscootinaf was enjoying a day at the beach in North Queensland in Australia when she stumbled upon something quite unusual.

The woman pulled out her camera to film as she examined the strange “sea creature” that had washed up on shore. It was nearly the size of her leg and pinkish-grey in color.

Photo: TikTok/@bootscootinaf

The woman shared a video of her discovery and people began to speculate what the peculiar animal could be. Check out the video for yourself below.

Note: The video contains strong language.

@bootscootinaf Replying to @Dave as requested guys- here is a better video. What do you think it is? #australia #northqueensland #fyp ♬ original sound – moonlight 🌙✨

Some people claimed the item could be a human limb or perhaps a giant tongue.

In the end, it was a marine biologist who allegedly helped identify the mystery “animal thing.”

The Tiktok user shared a follow-up video and said, “With the help of TikTok and marine biologists, I think we have finally figured out what that weird animal thing is. It’s a whale dick.”

@bootscootinaf #stitch with @moonlight 🌙✨ Mystery solved!! (Probably)…. Comment what you think- did you guess right? #australia #northqueensland #fyp ♬ original sound – moonlight 🌙✨

She went on to say, “Apparently, the males fight and they bite each other’s things off, and then they just wash up on beaches all around the world.”

While that theory sounds interesting, it’s not backed by evidence. Wildlife scientist Dr. Vanessa Pirotta quickly rebutted the TikTok clip with her own video.

Photo: TikTok/@drvanessapirotta

She explained:

“Now, if this is a male humpback whale penis, it’s very unlikely that it was bitten off by another humpback whale. The reason being, well, I’ve not actually heard of that theory before. But these whales don’t have any teeth at all, rather, they have long hair-like strands known as baleen. And to bite another male whale’s penis off is something that is not have heard of.”

@drvanessapirotta Whale penis? Here’s my brief assessment. Nice find @bootscootinaf #northqueensland #australia #whalepenis #whale #whales #whaleon #scicomm ♬ original sound – drvanessapirotta

While it’s possible the strange mysterious “creature” on the beach is, in fact, a whale penis, it’s extremely unlikely it was bitten off by another whale.

What do you think the creature or body part is? Let us know!

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