Player Gets Special Welcome From Opposing Team His First Game Back After Traumatic Brain Injury

The Beaver Valley Red Baseball under-14 travel team took on the Flood City team from Johnstown at the Pitt University Showcase tournament.

While it seemed like just another baseball game for this organization, for one player it was one of the most special days of his life that he’ll never forget.

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Flood City’s Weston Mazey, son of West Virginia University baseball coach Randy Mazey, was seriously injured in a baseball collision this past March.

The collision left him with a fractured skull and a traumatic brain injury, which doctors feared would be life-threatening.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

They were worried he wouldn’t survive his injuries, much less play baseball again.

Slowly but surely, Mazey healed and gained his strength back, and had to learn how to stand and walk again. Once he was able to walk, he began training again so that he could maybe one day get back onto the field.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

After months of therapy, practice and dedication, Mazey made his return in the game against Beaver Valley Red.

BV Red knew all about Mazey’s journey to get to this moment and wanted to do something special for him, despite being the opposing team.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

When Mazey walked up to the batters box for his first at-bat since his accident, the entire BV Red team stopped the game, removed their hats, and approached Mazey in the batters box to shake his hand as the crowd cheered.

“At Beaver Valley, we’re committed to doing things the right way,” BV Red’s head coach Nate Nery said. “Sometimes the wins and losses aren’t the biggest thing, sometimes other things are more important and this was definitely one of them. Sometime in sports, a lot of coaches lose site of that but in the end it’s about respect for the game and realizing what we’re competing for and why we’re really out there. I was glad Weston was able to play, happy that he was cleared and happy he was able to make this comeback. It’s amazing.”

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

Mazey even got a hit in his first game back.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below:

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