Mom And Six Daughters Go Out For Dinner Wearing Their Wedding Dresses

A mom and her six daughters have drawn in quite the crowd after attending dinner in their wedding gowns.

The mom, Terri Bonin, got all glammed up for a night out with her four daughters and two daughters-in-law. Tina was joined by Alexis, Madeleine, Annalise, Hannah, Sydnie and Kate.

Photo: Instagram/@alexisnhouston

The women donned their wedding gowns and went out for their meal.

Alexis Houston (@alexisnhouston) shared a video on May 19 to Instagram of the outing.

Photo: Instagram/@alexisnhouston

She wrote in the post, “We decided that the most expensive dresses we owned deserved to be worn & enjoyed for more than just one day in our lives.”

“We’ve decided to make this a yearly tradition,” she added.

She went on to say that they met up prior to the dinner to “tape each other into our dresses.”

Photo: Instagram/@alexisnhouston

“100/10 recommend doing this! Absolutely SO fun!!” Alexis said.

When asked what the response was from the people around them, Alexis said: “Well, we were recorded on phones, complimented, asked what the occasion was & asked to be taken photos with. Can’t say we didn’t enjoy the attention.”

Not all the women are married or in their original wedding dresses, but that didn’t make it any less fun.

Since being shared on Instagram, the video was viewed millions of times!

Alexis even shared an update that they were flown to New York to have an interview with the Today Show. How neat!

After the interview, the group of women went out in their wedding dresses again.

This time, they got to explore Times Square and have a nice dinner in New York City!

I think it’s safe to say they’ll be continuing this tradition for years to come.

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