Houston Weatherman Goes Viral For Sneaking “Snoop Dogg” Lyrics Into His Forecast

As a meteorologist, your job is not always the most popular. You have to give the news about the weather and although you can’t control it, people often blame you for it.

The chief meteorologist at CW39 Houston, Adam Krueger, is taking this in stride. In fact, people are tuning in, not only to watch the weather forecast but to watch him insert lyrics from famous singers into the report.

Photo: Instagram/@snoopdogg

Krueger was given the challenge to insert some lyrics from Snoop Dogg, and he even gave some advance warning that he would be doing it.

The lyrics came from the song “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” And it didn’t take him long to start including them in the weather that day.

He started off showing the beach in Galveston, saying, “From the depths of the sea, to the back of the block.” And that was only the beginning.

The funny thing is, Snoop Dogg, himself, heard about what the weatherman was doing and he gave it his seal of approval. He captioned the video above: “Weather man on one!”

The weatherman continued with additional lyrics from Snoop Dogg, including showing his social media accounts and saying: “follow me, follow me, follow me.”

He continued to give the weather, but by the end, he added one additional lyric. He said: “We’re gonna be warm and humid, with highs in the 80s, guess what, ‘it’s like that, rat tat tat tat.”

Photo: Flickr/Man Alive! License: CC BY 2.0

If Krueger wasn’t well-known enough because of using song lyrics in his weather forecast, he was undoubtedly well-known after Snoop Dogg posted it to his almost 80 million followers.

He was taking part in the “Sneaking Words In the Weather” contest, where followers of the weatherman suggest song lyrics or references from TV shows and movies. The meteorologist then puts it into his television weather forecast.

It will be interesting to see what he picks next.

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