Weatherman Builds a Friendship with The Chicken He Rescued Amidst a Blizzard

An environment covered in snow can truly leave you in awe — winter is undoubtedly a magical time every year. Although the soft and white surroundings look magnificent, the cold season can also bring harsh weather. Blizzards hinder people from enjoying the winter wonderland as snow overly piles on the ground and blocks the roads. Going outside is severely dangerous due to extremely cold temperatures, strong winds, and almost zero visibility. That’s why it’s best to be updated about the weather during winter to avoid staying long outside every time there’s a potential blizzard coming. Listen to your local weather reporter so you won’t get stranded outside during a snowstorm.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Sadly, animals are badly affected by blizzards, mainly when they can’t find a place to stay. But in David Neal’s forty-year experience as a weatherman, it was his first time encountering a lost chicken. During a snowstorm in Tennessee, the chicken was casually pecking and walking around the ground covered with six inches of snow. Out of concern, David took action by trying to capture the chicken. It was difficult to grab the feathered animal, so David followed her all around until he got a hold of her with the help of another guy. The moment was so bizarre because it looked like they were playing a game of tag amidst a blizzard.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Since it was a rare instance, David included the chicken on his weather report — sharing that they are already friends. He also used his platform to get the attention of the chicken’s possible owner. While waiting for a call, David and his roommate, Sharon, decided to keep the hen for a while. “We brought her home so that we could rehab her because she was so skinny. It took a week for Penelope to settle in. She explored. She looked at everything,” David shared. Eventually, Penelope became part of their family and now receives special treatment from her human parents. She follows David around, goes on rides with Sharon, and enjoys recreational activities with both of them.

“We were in the right place at the exact right time because I was fighting depression at the time,” the meteorologist said. Apparently, David had a mini-stroke, which almost took his career. He had to go through therapies, specifically for speech, to continue his career. David worked hard to get back on his feet, and Penelope hugely contributed during his rehab. They were both able to help each other heal from the blizzards of the past.

“She kind of focused me again. She kinda gave me a little bit of purpose again, to take care of something,” David lovingly shared. The meteorologist is now the host of a weather-related podcast. Penelope accompanies him during recordings and loves being on camera. There’s indeed hope after the storm, and you can witness that in the video below.

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