Want to Have a Stronger Bond with Your Dog? Here Are Several Proven Ways to Achieve Your Goal!

Of course, dogs make us happy with their unconditional love, loyalty, and unique personalities.

But having a stronger bond with your dog will surely level up the happiness you both feel, and it will make your dog more obedient to you. Obedience is important next to love because you’ll have fewer problems with aggression or other negative reactions that a dog may experience due to stress and other factors.

Also, a calm and obedient dog means less stress for you.

Photo: YouTube/Relax My Dog-Relaxing Music for Dogs

So, aim to build up more love and trust between you and your furry best friend. Here are a number of proven ways to help you do so:

  1. Take time each day to play and connect with your dog. It may be a few minutes or longer, but it’s important that you spend some time with your dog every day. You can use this as an opportunity to relieve your own stress as your dog entertains you and shows how much it misses you when you go to work, etc. Playing with your dog will also surely add to your joy.
  2. Assign your dog a job. Some dog breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds especially need tasks to expend their energy and stimulate their minds. Many dogs are pretty smart, and assigning them tasks like opening doors and windows and fetching things will help enhance their intelligence and good behavior.
  3. Photo: YouTube/Relax My Dog-Relaxing Music for Dogs
  4. Exercise with your dog. Take your dog for a walk or go hiking if you’re fond of immersing in nature. Your dog will surely love these adventures that also promote better health for both of you. You can go swimming with your dog, too, in a pool, lake, or at the beach. You’ll discover just how much dogs enjoy the water along with your company.
  5. See the world from your dog’s point of view. Dogs are always curious about their environment. By looking at the world through their eyes, you’ll also feel the wonder and joy that they feel. Further, you’ll learn more about your dog’s personality as you understand the things that delight or scare him. This will help in strengthening your bond and enhance communication between you even without words.
  6. Photo: YouTube/Relax My Dog-Relaxing Music for Dogs
  7. Learn your dog’s unique language. Be sensitive to the meaning of your dog’s barks, whines, facial expressions, and body language. That way, you don’t have to keep guessing what your dog wants and needs or if he’s depressed or in pain. Some dogs prefer to suffer in silence, or simply stay in a corner when they’re sick. You should learn the signs when your dog especially needs you. When you’re always there for him to keep him safe and happy, your dog will reward you with even more love and trust.
  8. Learn your dog’s background. It’s important that you know your dog’s breed so you can raise him properly. Knowing his family history is another plus, including any special needs such as diet. By having these facts in mind, you can take better care of your dog and spend many wonderful and healthy years together.

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