Redditors Share Effective Water Storage Hacks to Survive Hurricane Aftermaths

Life after being hit by a natural disaster can be difficult, as you will have to handle matters badly impacted by the calamity. You need to adjust for specific changes that might be temporary or permanent. Sometimes your area might be terribly affected by a natural disaster leading to a power outage or water shortage. Homes can lose parts of the house, like the roof, window panels, or even walls. Nature is truly a force that can quickly change lives — always being prepared can make the experience more tolerable.

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Water supply is one of the most affected necessities in every calamity aftermath. It is hard to live without water, as it is a prime need people use for different aspects of their lives. Although water suppliers will assure you that it will be fixed in no time, the waiting will still annoy and frustrate you. For this reason, you must be prepared whenever calamities are predicted to happen, especially when it’s a hurricane or another particularly destructive force. Water shortage happens frequently after a hurricane because strong winds and heavy storms can destroy plumbing. Pipes can shatter due to pressure, and extreme floods pollute the water supply.

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Due to Hurricane Ian, a Reddit user shared a life tip to be prepared for such situations. IGotSoulBut suggested in the Reddit post, “before a major storm, fill up a bathtub or buckets with water.” OP also added a message on the post saying, “In the event that the water goes out, you’ll be able to fill the toilet with water for flushing of toilets. Best of luck, good vibes, prayers, thoughts etc to those that will be impacted by Hurricane Ian.”

It’s like ants who store food before winter, when all sources run out of supply. People need to be one step ahead of the possible situations that could happen after a disaster. Aside from water supply advice, OP also wrote additional hacks to survive the storm’s aftermath. “If you are stuck and hunkering down in a potential storm surge area, have an axe on hand in case you have to shelter in an attic (many people have died doing this – do whatever you can to not end up in the attic). If the water rises further and you are there, you may need to cut through to the roof.”

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OP’s suggestions were received well by the Reddit community, as it gained 3.1k upvotes and 175 comments. More Redditors shared extra tips to be more secure during and after a hurricane. “Fill one gallon milk jugs with water and put them in your freezer. If the power goes out it will buy you some time. Plus you have fresh water when it melts. We do this in our big freezer all year. An added bonus: it works great in our cooler for the Costco run,” bognostroglum wrote.

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Others gave product recommendations that can be helpful amidst water shortage. Reddit user rotatingruhnama suggested, “You can also buy a gadget called a WaterBob, which is like a big bladder/liner thingy you put in your bathtub for filling up with water. It increases the amount of water you can store and makes it safe to drink.” It is essential to drink clean water so you won’t get infections and have an unexpected hospital trip.

Reddit has become a community that continues to help one another in various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s for health, animals, relationships, and even emergency hacks, you can expect that there are helpful tips on the social media platform. Moreover, if you have additional advice for preparing for an upcoming hurricane, you can join the discussion in the comment section. The trick that helped you during the aftermath of a storm might still need to be mentioned. Help save a community even from across the world.

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