Rescue Horses Receive Much-Needed Halters, Hay Nets, & Jolly Balls Thanks To Your Support

Feeding and caring for a horse can be costly – especially one that has been neglected and is underweight. Just like other animal shelters, horse rescues focus their minimal budgets on food, which leaves nothing for other supplies.

Thanks to your generous support, Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program is able to lend a helping hand to animal rescues.

Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE), a horse rescue in Washington, works with Animal Control agencies in surrounding counties to support horse owners in need of help and are there to step in and rescue neglected horses.

Photo: Save A Forgotten Equine – SAFE

A senior horse named Irene arrived at SAFE underweight with overgrown hooves and did not receive proper care because her previous owner suffers from dementia. The sweet horse finally got the care she needed and instantly became a farm favorite.

Irene did not remain at the rescue long. A former adopter met her shortly after she arrived and fell in love. She adopted her as a pasture mate for her mare after losing her other horse. The rescue was able to spoil Irene with a new halter (provided by your donations) and safely transport her to her new home.

The rescue shared, “While we primarily use rope halters during our day-to-day operations at SAFE, nice quality breakaway halters are crucial for us during transport, and having a go-to supply of new halters is a wonderful convenience. On the day she left, we fit Irene into one of our new halters and loaded her up into the trailer. The trip went off without a hitch, and on a sunny Thursday just a few weeks after she’d arrived, Irene stepped off the trailer into her new life in a very fashionable halter.”

SAFE received numerous halters, hay nets, and several Mega Jolly Balls. They shared how each item is essential and their gratitude for your support.

Photo: Save A Forgotten Equine – SAFE

Rope and breakaway halters:

“The usage for good quality halters cannot be understated, and to have a supply of them helps keep our operation running smoothly.”

Hay nets:

“Overall, slow feeder nets are an integral part of the way we have deemed best to care for our herd. For our
easiest keepers and diet horses, to some of our more challenging cases, we use hay nets daily. As constant hay net users, there is certainly never a time we are not in need of a supply, and we are exceedingly grateful to have been chosen to receive exactly that!”

Jolly Balls:

“The Mega Jolly Balls have been a hit with our herd! They have enriched our horses’ lives, as they interact and push them around their paddocks throughout the day. This not only prevents boredom, but also encourages movement.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth – “SAFE is so grateful to have been selected to receive these items. It was a generous gift, which has had a significant and immediate impact on our daily operations and improved our horses’ lives.”

Photo: Save A Forgotten Equine – SAFE

Check out their website to see how you can help the herd of rescue horses or to adopt one of the gentle giants.

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