Pet Owners Will Love These Easy-to-Launder Rugs for Messy Pets Prone to Accidents

As pet owners, we’ve all had them: puppies or kittens who have missed the mark when it comes to using litter boxes or pee pads while undergoing house training. It can also happen with shelter pets we’ve adopted that haven’t been trained properly or that weren’t given adequate potty breaks with access to the great outdoors. Or it might be muddy paw prints, drool or slobber marks, or worse yet, your dog dragging its heinie across the rug. There’s only so much spot cleaning you can do, and who wants to bust out their Bissell carpet cleaner each and every time they have an accident? Cue Ruggable.

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Ruggable is an area rug brand made for folks who just want to toss their carpets, rugs, and runners in the wash rather than get down on their hands and knees to address these intermittent oops moments. Relatively inexpensive and well-rated, the manufacturer has a wide selection of colors and patterns to choose from. They come in a variety of sizes to suit your household needs and come out of the washing machine and dryer stain-free and looking brand, spanking new. The best part is there’s no shrinkage or misshapen appearance, eliminating the need to block them.

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Pet Potty Mishaps

While they look and feel like a one-piece unit, they’re actually constructed of two sections consisting of a soft, stain-resistant upper half that sits atop a thick, non-slip pad. The upper portion is lightweight enough to be tossed in most noncommercial washing machines while the lower pad remains on the floor. The two segments reattach through a convenient hook-and-loop system. The pad comes in two thicknesses to choose from — classic and cushioned — and can be used interchangeably with any of their rug covers of the same size.

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Pet-Parent Conveniences

Available in a surprisingly impressive array of shapes and sizes — think bath mats, runners, etc. — shoppers can browse by dimensions, colors, or carpet styles such as solids or patterns. They include vintage looks, Moroccan or Scandinavian rugs, low-piles, shags, and even celebrity or movie franchise collaborations, just to name a few. Fashion and interior design icon Iris Apfel, who once did delightfully funny ads for the Old Navy clothing brand, has even teamed up with them. In addition to pet messes, they’re great for high-traffic areas in your home or households with equally messy kids. For convenience and price, Ruggables have a lot going for them.

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