Kitten Adopted By Pitbull Owners Thinks She’s One Of The Dogs

A tiny rescue kitten adopted into a home of pit bulls loves doing everything with her canine brothers – even the stuff “cats” don’t usually do, like camping!

Wasabi’s owners were already the parents of two rescue pitties, Keiko and Niko, when they welcomed the little kitten into the family, and truth be told, they weren’t initially planning to grow their family.

Their mom explained on Instagram that while her husband loves cats, she’s more of a dog person. Their family was a nice size and she wasn’t interested in adopting, but eventually, she started to notice all the cats in need of homes.

She wrote in the post, “I told my husband I might be open to getting a cat if we happened to come across one that needed a home. The universe pretty much brought us Wasabi as soon as I said those words out loud.”

Her friend happened upon some stray kittens in need and that’s when she knew she should welcome one into her home. She ended up with a tiny gray kitten named Wasabi.

The family was slow to introduce Wasabi to Keiko and Niko, even though the two gentle giants were eager to meet her. Once the little kitten was formally introduced to the dogs and a member of the household, she took charge entirely!

Thinking she was the alpha dog in the situation, Wasabi assumed the role of leader in the house. Her owners shared on Instagram, “There’s a new sheriff in town named Wasabi who runs the house!”

Growing up with her two pittie brothers, Wasabi started to think she was one of the dogs. She did everything with her canine brothers, from leisurely napping to going on adventures and camping!

In an interview with The Dodo, the animals’ parents explained, “Ever since we got Wasabi, we just decided to kind of treat her as much like the dogs as we could.”

They started leash training her and loaded her up in the car for a camping trip – right alongside the dogs!

While cats notoriously hate water, Wasabi followed her doggy brothers into the river and even gave a little go at swimming. How cute!

You can see more of the fun trio in the video below:

To keep up with Keiko, Niko, and Wasabi, you can follow them on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram.

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