Walmart Employee Rescues Kitten Stuck In A Vending Machine

When you begin looking for a new pet, you might have a few specific places in mind. Perhaps you will take a look at the local rescue or you might try the Humane Society.

One place that you certainly wouldn’t look for a new pet is in a vending machine, but that is where one Walmart employee found a most adorable kitten.

Photo: YouTube/WVLT-TV

According to FOX 17 news, in Morrison, Tennessee, a woman was on her lunch break while working at Walmart.

She heard a kitten and couldn’t quite pinpoint it, but after she looked closely, she found that an outdoor vending machine had entrapped the little critter.

Right away, Lindsey knew exactly what to do. She couldn’t leave the kitten in the vending machine because it was hot outside, but she only had a limited amount of time to try.

Photo: YouTube/WVLT-TV

She used her entire lunchtime and her last break. She even recruited some coworkers to help her but nobody was able to rescue the little feline.

Eventually, the Morristown Fire Department was called in to assist. It took them about 10 minutes to remove panels from the vending machine and sweet-talk the nervous kitten outside.

This is a story that certainly has more than one happy ending. Not only was the kitten rescued safe and sound from the vending machine, Lyndsey decided to adopt the little critter. The City of Morrison even shared a photo of the duo together:

So, what did she decide to name her? She said in the video below: “This is Pepper, Pepsi, Pep, whatever you’d like to call her. She’s got a few nicknames now.”

You can watch her and the kitten together in the following video:

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