Engaging in Daily Walks Is the Key to Creating Connections with Your New Neighbors

Moving to a new neighborhood can be quite scary yet exciting at the same time. The sense of unfamiliarity makes you look forward to more achievements and life-changing experiences. It’s exciting because life has so much in store for everyone, but it’s scary when you don’t know your neighbors. Attaining a peaceful stay in a new neighborhood is possible. You must get to know the people around you. It doesn’t have to be at a deep level. Try to know their names, and you might build friendships with some of them.

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However, it’s always challenging to start a connection, especially when you’ll be the one to initiate it. There will be discouraging thoughts — will they notice you or greet you back? Having snobbish or shy neighbors is inevitable, but you don’t have to feel bad about it. What’s important is that you’ll create an impression that you are a great addition to their community. Various ways can help you naturally start an interaction. You could start with one, which you can find on Reddit’s Life Pro Tip section.

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The advice was from Reddit user cumulus_floccus. According to OP’s post, “If you’re new to a neighborhood, make a point to regularly go for walks. The more people see you around, the more likely they’ll strike up a conversation with you, or you’ll feel more confident to strike up a conversation if you’ve seen them several times during your walks.” It’s convenient for you and your neighbors as they’ll familiarize themselves with you even more. During one of your walks, one of them may suddenly initiate a conversation with you or invite you to dinner.

OP did not expect that the post would blow up. Since the advice was published, it has received 11.7k upvotes and over 500 comments. Many people might have found the tip helpful, especially those who struggle with their socializing skills. “I try to get a walk in at least a few times per week and I now have a bunch of ‘walk friends’ with whom I’ve never talked but always greeted. It feels good, especially on a bad day,” chflorian commented. Indeed, the thought that you are on good terms with your community can make you feel light and filled with positive energy.

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While others found the suggestion effective, some had difficulty because of their neighbor’s displeasing personality. If you happen to move into a neighborhood where most people are snobbish, staying civil with them is the best action to take. Be the positive force in their place, and someday they’ll learn their lesson. You might even get surprised if they initiate the interaction because they find you friendly. Be consistent with your regular walks — it’s not only physically beneficial but also healthy for the community.

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