Internet Can’t Stop Gushing Over a Video of an Armadillo Waking Up After a Good Slumber

There is no doubt that a lot of people are curious about an armadillo and its lifestyle. Most of the videos found on the internet are armadillos rolling up into a ball or getting out of their shell. Although they have a tough exterior, armadillos can still look adorable. They truly fit the saying, “tough on the outside, soft on the inside.” Their videos can make you gush and feel intrigued by their life. Do they roll in and out of their shell every day? How do they sleep and wake up?

Photo: PxHere

Interestingly, a person answered the latter by posting a Reddit video. DrFetusRN gained 1,905 upvotes as their video won the hearts of their viewers. In the video, you will see an armadillo waking up from a great slumber. The little armored one gently opened its shell and stretched out its arms. It was like someone stretching their arms and legs after sleeping for so long. The video will definitely feed your curiosity and make you interested in armadillos even more.

Photo: Reddit/DrFetusRN

“Yes, I love this. I love the stretch, the yawns, the eye rubs, the sudden recognition that you are there. It must feel safe with you, and I love that, too,” EnormousCoat commented.

Although people have already gushed about it, some Reddit users pointed out that the video was actually reversed. “Funny how this reverse video was posted this morning of “Armadillo Defense Response.” Just reverse and regurgitate. That’s Reddit for you.” NorCal130 explained.

Nevertheless, people have been asking more questions about armadillos and expressing their amazement at the armored animal. Whether the video is reversed or not, the Reddit post still continues to gain attention. You’ll find yourself getting hooked, and your search history will be full of armadillos. Better watch the Reddit video, especially if you are an armadillo enthusiast. Share your knowledge in the comment section for those who are in the first stages of loving the little armored one.

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