Dumped Dog Covered In Soot & Ash Spent Her Nights Sleeping Outside On An Old Burnt Couch

A dog was abandoned in an industrial area and eventually sought refuge in a nearby facility for firefighters.

The pup had been hiding under cars in the day and sleeping on a burnt couch at night.

One of the retired firefighters there, named Rudy, spotted the filthy homeless dog and knew he had to do something. He quickly got in contact with Hope For Paws rescue and asked for their help.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws

When Hope For Paws received his message, they rushed over immediately to rescue the dog.

The dog, who was covered in soot and ash, was very nervous and wouldn’t come close to the rescuer. Whenever he tried to approach her, the pup would rush to the burnt couch, which has become a safe haven of sorts for her.

Eventually, with help from a cheeseburger, he slowly got her to trust him.

Photo: YouTube/Hope For Paws

He decided to name this sweet pup Waka, and brought her back to their rescue for a medical examination and a much-needed bath.

As the filth was washed off her body, revealing her bright white fur, her old miserable life was being washed away too.

Waka is now being fostered by Wags and Walks and is available for adoption. Now that she is safe, healthy, and happy, she is now ready to find her forever home and leave her past behind.

Photo: Hope For Paws/Blog

One thing is for certain – she’ll never have to spend her nights sleeping on a burnt couch ever again!

If you’re interested in adopting sweet Waka, click here to fill out an application.

Watch her rescue and transformation in the video below:

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