Waitress Called In To Work On Christmas Day Gets A Sweet Surprise From A Customer

Christmas Day is one to spend with loved ones. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that luxury. Some people have to work on Christmas Day, and for one waitress in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Christmas Day was a work day for her.

However, she did experience a bit of a Christmas miracle when a generous customer left an amazing tip.

For Callie Blue, Christmas Day started out with a text from her boss at 4:50 am, asking her to come in to Gus’s Diner by 5:30 am. She thought her Christmas Day shift was going to be just another regular shift, but that changed when her second guest of the day walked into the diner.

According to Fox News, Callie recalled, “Michael, I wanna say, walked in around six o’clock; he was really sweet, didn’t have, just chit chatted with me, got some new things, and before he left, he tipped me $1,000.”

The tip was the biggest she’d ever gotten, even surpassing the $100 tip she got last Christmas. As it turns out, her generous guest, Michael Johnson, works as the President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.

It was not a coincidence that she got such a generous tip. In fact, Johnson went out that Christmas Day with the intent to give servers large tips on Christmas.

Following the incident, he wrote on Facebook, “Merry Christmas Callie from Gus’s Dinner in Sun Prairie. I learned Callie was trying to figure out how to cover her rent this week and our donors awarded her the biggest tip of her 6 year career at Gus Diner.”

Johnson further shared, “When I walked in at 6am this morning she was smiling, pleasant and seemed very happy to be at work. After I took the video she walked to the back of the restaurant surprised by the generosity. As I was walking out she asked to take a picture with me and said, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.'”

Then, he wrote, “Now onto the next.”

Watch the touching video in the footage below:

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