Watch as a Sweet Vizsla Named Reyna Meets Its New Sibling for the First Time

Many dog breeds are known for their protective nature and strong bonds with their humans and their offspring. When they finally get to greet them, they’re every bit as excited as a new grandparent meeting their grandchild for the very first time. There are lots of broad smiles and fluttering about, barely able to contain oneself. That was the case for a very sweet 2-year-old Vizsla caught on TikTok doing a happy dance with a twitching tail as she got to sniff and lick the newborn baby her humans just welcomed into their lives.

Vizsla and baby
Photo: TikTok/@ellie_treece


Reyna’s mom, Ellie Treece, had been chronicling her pregnancy on the social media platform for months before giving birth to a son named Henry. Reyna features prominently in most of these videos, so she got to share the journey with her human. Reyna appeared to be very attached to her mom’s growing tummy and the precious cargo residing inside, so it should come as no surprise that she was over the moon when Henry finally arrived.

vizsla and baby and mom
Photo: TikTok/@ellie_treece

Dogs and Babies

In the video, we first see Reyna hesitate for a split second before excitedly prancing over to the sofa the baby has been laid on. She’s almost quivering as she sniffs and licks the infant every chance she gets throughout the short video. But it’s done with such tenderness and care, as though she senses the fragility of the child and the fact that it’s a baby, that it melts your heart. At the same time, her tangible excitement is almost comical, as if she’s trying to refrain from doing backflips across the floor.

dad with newborn and dog
Photo: TikTok/@ellie_treece

To see more videos of their adorable relationship, visit @ellie_treece and get ready to grin from ear to ear because some of them should come with a serious cuteness alert. Or, click on The Mirror’s compilation video for more sweet moments accompanied by the absolute best piece of music.


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