Woman With Vitiligo Transforms Spots On Her Skin Into Beautiful Works Of Art

Amara Aleman is taking social media by storm by turning her ailment into art.

The 28-year-old artist uses the spots on her skin from vitiligo to create a variety of unique and interesting works of art. Some represent themes, colors, or holidays, while other pieces simply draw on beauty or some form of inspiration.

According to the Mayo Clinic, vitiligo is a disease that causes patches of skin to loss color. Generally, the affected areas get bigger over time. The disease occurs when cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning.

While it’s not life-threatening or contagious, the aesthetic results and stigma of vitiligo can be embarrassing or hard to cope with.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Amara explained that “the idea of taking lemons and making lemonade” came after being diagnosed with vitiligo in 2017. She added, “Life will continue to be unpredictable and it will defeat you if you’re not able to adapt and see beauty in imperfections or differences.”

While she admitted to struggling with the diagnosis in the beginning, using her hardship as a creative outlet has been game-changing. She told Buzzfeed, “I’ve always been really creative, so the idea to create art with my skin kind of came naturally, but once I saw the reception online and read the comments [about] how positively it was affecting those with the condition, the ideas really flourished.”

Photo: TikTok/@amara_artspots

Amara uses her designs not just to express her creativity and boost her own confidence, but to connect with others who have vitiligo and make them feel less alone. Plus, she’s spreading awareness about the condition and helping to normalize different types and colors of skin – even spotty skin.

Check out some of her TikTok videos below:

@amara_artspots This one’s so extraaa 🌸✨ #vitiligo #rhinestones @dojacat ♬ Doja Cat Tia Tamera feat. Rico Nasty edit – Tik Toker
@amara_artspots My skin = my favorite accessory #vitiligo #artspots ♬ sonido original – Esteve
@amara_artspots Replying to @blue_crushsoda just my opinion #vitiligo #artspots #bodypaint #protectivehairstyles ♬ original sound – amara
@amara_artspots Replying to @user2742290747626 i need to do another ArtSpots photoshoot soon! #vitiligo #artspots #fashion #bodypaint ♬ original sound – BRIELLE

You can see more of Amara and her art on TikTok or Instagram, @amara_artspots.

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