‘Talking’ Pets Are Taking Over Social Media

When most of us think about social media, we automatically think about our personal accounts. We post pictures of what we eat and where we were on vacation.

Oh yeah, we also post pictures of our pets. Lots of pictures!

Photos: YouTube / ABC News

Pets are one of the biggest things on social media, and most pet social media accounts have a greater following than most humans. They may not be able to type easily, but they sure do make an impact on those platforms.

One of the ways in which they do it is seen very clearly in a cat named Steve B and a dog named Bunny. Thanks to their ability to communicate, they are social media stars.

These animals can use buttons placed on the floor to talk to their humans. They do so using single words, such as ‘out’ or ‘food.’

Are The Pets Really Talking?

It’s amazing how all these animals can learn to use the buttons to get what they want. Some people call it conditioning, but other people consider it to be a higher form of communication.

Photos: YouTube / ABC News

Dr. Andrea Y Tu, DMV, weighs in on the subject. She loves the fact that these buttons are in use and feels they are a great way to understand your pets.

When it comes to the bigger question of whether they are actually talking to their humans or not, she said that has yet to be seen. She doesn’t feel that it is speech or language, but they are associating the buttons with the people in their life.

Even the humans in Steve B and Bunny’s life admit that they are a long way from having a conversation with their pets, and they don’t take it so far as to say they are speaking with the animals.

Something that this has done, however, is to bring the animals and their owners closer together. The human in Steve B’s life even calls him her ‘best buddy.’

Is It Time To Talk To Your Pet?

The technology used to create these buttons and use them is made by Fluent Pet.

On their website, they say, “We’ve known for millennia that dogs and cats can understand the words we say. Now we can teach them to use those words to truly tell us what they’re thinking and feeling.”

Perhaps your dog or cat is ready to take things to the next level. You could always give it a try, and who knows, they may even join Steve B and Bunny as the next social media stars.

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