Hiker Gets Attacked By A Bear And Lives To Tell The Story

There is nothing quite like being out for the day in nature. It gives us an opportunity to get some exercise, unwind, and allow our minds to think.

Unfortunately, there are also times when things can turn bad very quickly. That is what happened when a mountain climber was navigating through some rocky outcrops on Mount Futago.

Photo: YouTube/Bear attacks climber

He was wearing a GoPro camera and it showed the beauty of the surrounding area in Japan. It doesn’t take long before you are totally enthralled in watching him navigate his way through the rocks but suddenly, the peace is broken by a bear.

A black bear appeared out of nowhere, running up to him and attacking him head-on. He thought quickly, pushing the black bear off to the side and then screaming and yelling as he kicked and punched the black bear to break his attack.

Photo: YouTube/Bear attacks climber

For several frightening moments, the black bear continued to advance on the mountain climber. Undoubtedly, if the black bear would’ve continued his assault, he would have been victorious but the climber was able to frighten him off.

During the attack, the climber did suffer a sprained wrist and some scratches, but it was nothing compared with what could have happened if he hadn’t thought quickly. He was also able to discover why the bear attacked him in the first place.

Photo: YouTube/Bear attacks climber

He said: “Looking back at the video, it seems that [she] attacked to protect the cub.”

Admittedly, most of us would not put ourselves in a situation where this could happen but if it does happen, we now know what to do and perhaps we can walk away from it with an interesting video and story to tell.

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