How The Video Game “Stray” Is Helping Real Life Shelter Cats

Last year, a new video game hit home for a lot of gamers and cat lovers alike. Even cats loved the game inspired by their likeness.

Stray was developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive and centers around a cat on the streets who is trying to return home to his family.

Photo: YouTube/Annapurna Interactive

The orange tabby cat somehow falls into a dystopian world of robots and carnivorous bacteria and must survive on the streets searching for his home.

While the game shows the plight of a cat on the streets, it’s also doing its part to help actual cats from the streets.

It all started when Annapurna teamed up with the Nebraska Humane Society and Cats Protection to raise funds for shelter cats.

The organizations called on gamers to donate to animal shelters to win a PS4 or PS5 and be gifted with the new game, Stray.

Photo: Pexels/Sean Patrick

According to PBS NewsHour, the fundraiser was found to be “very successful” as it raised more than USD $8,000.

Beyond that, the company has sponsored other fundraisers and even worked with streamers to raise money for shelter cats!

Photo: Pexels/Dids

Their work for cats has impacted shelters but it’s also gotten them in the spotlight of PETA.

Due to the game’s portrayal of the struggle of “outdoor cats,” Stray won PETA’s 2022 Company of the Year award.

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