Veteran Becomes Best Friends with a Cat

We all have someone special in our life, and sometimes, it is somewhat unexpected. One combat veteran understands this all too well, because he has Eeyore in his life.

Although he is a rather rough and tough individual, he certainly does have a soft spot for the feline in his life. In fact, he is one of the best cat dads we could ever hope for.

Photo: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

As far as Eeyore is concerned, he’s always ready to explore. He is also rough and tough, described as being a climber and a jumper.

One of the best things about Eeyore is the fact that he loves people. There are no strangers in his life, just people that he hasn’t met yet.

Taking Eeyore Downtown

The veteran wanted to do something special and take Eeyore downtown. It is common in that area to take their dogs downtown, but nobody seems to take their cat.

He wanted to do what he could to keep Eeyore safe, so he found a bubble backpack. It allows Eeyore to be out and about without having to worry about interacting with a dangerous world.

Photo: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

One of the places they stopped on their travels was Walmart. He was surprised by how many people loved seeing the cat in the backpack. They thought it was really unique.

There is also another Walmart that he goes to regularly, and the staff has become accustomed to him being there. One of the staff members even yells out: “Eeyore’s in the house!”

This old veteran loves Eeyore for everything he is. One thing the cat does is help to keep him calm, because he deals with PTSD from the combat he saw.

He admits that he wasn’t a big fan of cats, but when Eeyore came along, he didn’t just tolerate him, he loved him!

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