Caregivers from Avow Hospice Gave a Heartwarming Tribute to a 104-Year-Old Veteran

The world has gone through several wars where countless heroes have given their lives to protect a nation. It is important to honor their service and never forget how they faced each fight with bravery and loyalty. Veterans from different historical wars took the step into the unknown — without sufficient assurance of whether they’d get out of the battle dead or alive. They chose a life away from their loved ones in order to protect everyone from destruction. It’s one of the greatest acts of love — a sacrifice to ensure a better future for each country they fought for.

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One of those veterans is Nick LaRocco, and he gallantly survived WWII. He served the country in 25 missions as an airman who flew B-17 bombers. Nick is a member of the group Lucky Bastards. Evidently, he is one lucky veteran for being able to live all throughout the missions he participated in. The courageous veteran truly deserves all the medals he earned during the war. And being a lucky person did not stop during the war because he’s now a century-old hero who’s still surrounded by those who care about him.

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

“It’s tragic for those who didn’t survive,” Jim, Nick’s nephew, said. “But lucky for us, he did.” Jim also shared how Nick saved his uncle’s life. “He filled in with a different crew, lo and behold, returned safely. His crew flew out, and none of them returned. They got shot down.” Nick has dodged death repeatedly, proving that luck is indeed on his side.

Aside from his family, a lot of people have grown fond of the veteran, including those from Avow Hospice in Naples. The veteran receives palliative care but is still in good health. Due to his age, his hearing has been affected, but he can still hold a conversation. And recently, he was still able to witness how he was given a heartwarming tribute from his family and caregivers of Avow Hospice. The care center organized a special program for Nick to celebrate his life and contributions to the country.

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

At first, his caregivers weren’t aware that Nick was a living hero. Once they knew about him being a veteran, they immediately paid tribute to the noble and the brave. Nick’s family was touched by the warm gesture as they witnessed him receive the appreciation he deserved. It was a remarkable moment for the 104-year-old veteran — a lucky man with one of the bravest hearts in the world.

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