Vet Tech Hilariously Imitates How Huskies Usually Behave When They Come to the Clinic

How much do you know about Huskies?

Well, from watching these dogs on TV and movies, you would be very impressed with their wolf-life looks, intelligence, courage, and resilient spirit.

Photo: YouTube/DogCastTv

According to Petplan, they are the perfect dog for people who have an active lifestyle. That’s because, as you may already know, this dog breed were trained by Siberia’s indigenous Chukchi people to perform as sleigh dogs.

Huskies are the popular choice for rural transportation, sled-dog racing, expeditions, and trek-style tours.

As pets, this dog breed also receives 5 stars from the American Kennel Club for being affectionate with family, good with children, and good with other dogs.

Photo: YouTube/DogCastTv

One of the best stories you can read about a Siberian Husky is that of Togo. According to the National Park Service, it was Togo (not Balto) who saved the Alaskan town of Nome during a diphtheria epidemic in 1925.

Togo led his team of sled dogs in the longest and most dangerous part of the famous Great Race of Mercy, crossing over a frozen sea and climbing a mountain of 5,000 feet. The husky was then already 12 years old. But his heroic effort saved thousands of lives, as the diphtheria anti-toxin drugs reached Nome, with Balto finishing the last leg of the sled relay. Many dogs died in this historic 674-mile journey across Alaska’s biting wilderness with its equally cruel temperatures.

Stories like Togo’s will make you think that Huskies are really a brave breed.

But wait until this vet tech tells you what she also knows about Huskies when they come to the clinic. She demonstrated it by imitating the behavior of their husky patients, as shown in this funny viral video:

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