Vet Shaves Cat’s Tail And It Makes Everyone ‘Uncomfortable’

Cats have long been a staple of the internet. Since social media has been around, cat videos and memes have made the rounds with iconic characters like Grumpy Cat becoming household names.

Usually when a cat goes viral, it’s because of its cute or endearing appearance, or because it’s downright hilarious. Cats can be pretty funny, after all.

However, one cat has become an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons and it’s making people uncomfortable.

Photo: flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

A TikTok user named Laura (@loralando) shared a video of her cat after she took the feline to the vet.

The cat looks totally normal, except for one thing: its tail is shaved.

She wrote in the video, “The vet shaved my cat’s tail and I’m uncomfortable.”

Photo: TikTok/@loralando

She wasn’t alone in being uncomfortable. The video was viewed over 21 million times and more than 70,000 people commented on it.

“That’s something we were never meant to see,” one person wrote. Laura agreed, and replied, “Never. But if I had to see it, so do you.”

Photo: TikTok/@loralando

“Why does this feel illegal to witness,” another person commented. Someone else added, “I want to look away but I can’t stop looking.”

It’s not clear why the cat’s tail needed to be shaved, but we hope that it grows back quickly. If not for the cat’s sake, for the owner’s sake!

Check out the clip below:

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