Veterinarian Saves German Shepherd Choking On A Dog Toy

A German Shepherd has a fast-acting veterinarian to thank for his life after she saved him from choking to death.

According to Inside Edition, Dr. Margaret Hunt with Travelers Rest Animal Hospital in South Carolina was working when a German Shepherd came into her care.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The poor dog was had a ball lodged in his throat and was choking to death. First Aid For Pets notes that “every second counts” when a dog is choking and making the right decision in that moment can be the difference between life and death.

When Dr. Hunt saw what was happening, she immediately began the external extraction technique. As shared by Inside Edition, she straddled the dog and pushed against his throat until the ball dislodged and popped out of his mouth.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

After the dog was safely able to breath again, Dr. Hunt and her team celebrated and cheered.

Inside Edition explained, “Dr. Hunt was finally able to save the dog’s life using the external extraction technique. It may surprise you that the life-saving method is not the doggie version of the Heimlich maneuver but a technique that’s used by veterinarians across the country.”

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

According to the Veterinary Partner, the external extraction technique can be used on an unconscious dog with a full airway obstruction. While generally rare, a ball or chew toy can become lodged in a dog’s throat and cause a full obstruction, as was the case with the german shepherd.

Thankfully, Dr. Hunt knew just what to do. You can watch her save the dog in the video below:

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