Vet Cuddles With Rescue Fox After A Long Day At Work

Being a veterinarian is a tough job. It’s labor-intensive and can be emotionally taxing as well.

What better way to end a long day at work than with some fox cuddles?

Senior veterinarian Ana Lapaz-Mendez with Medivet Carpenders Park in England was working at the clinic when a wild fox was admitted to her care.

Photo: flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

The poor thing had been hit by a car and had two broken legs. According to ViralHog, as Ana worked on the fox, who she named Pumpkin, she discovered she was also blind.

Dealing with wild animals regularly, including foxes, Ana knew their first goal was to rehabilitate Pumpkin and get her back to the wild. However, it quickly became clear that Pumpkin wouldn’t survive on her own again.

Despite their best efforts, Pumpkin couldn’t be reintroduced to the wild. Ana ended up personally adopting Pumpkin to give her the best chance at living a great life, and she regularly shares updates and photos about the little fox on Instagram.

Ana also shared on Instagram:

“I am against keeping foxes as pets when they could have been ‘rewilded’ and released into their natural habitat…Pumpkin is an exceptional case because her condition aggravated when she was kept without treatment for over a week after she was hit by a car…Her story is a very sad one but, despite the difficulty of caring for her, I and many other people, give our best to provide her with an enriched life…I have turned my life upside down to make her life as great as possible, which hasn’t been easy.”

It seems that Pumpkin is now living her best life!

Ana explained to ViralHog that she even takes the little fox to work with her everyday, and enjoys some cuddles as a result.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

She said, “[Pumpkin] lives with me and my two other dogs. They all come to work with me and she loves to be cuddled when she is tired. This video was taken after a long day at work.”

Check out the sweet clip below:

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