Lovely Velveteen Hippo, Neveah, Needs Busting Out of Doggy Confinement Tout Suite!

A sweet, velvety lady named Neveah has had it with shelter life, and she needs somebody to bust her out tout suite! Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger, and dogs’ lives are fast-tracked, to begin with. This chunky land manatee is a lovely older gal who found herself at PACC after her longtime home was no longer the best fit.

It’s extremely sad, but there’s nothing to do but push forward. Here’s a list of Neveah’s many attributes mixed in with a smattering of statistics.

velvet hippo
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Rescue Dogs

A spayed pit bull with a gorgeous blue/gray coat and a nose that’s slightly off-kilter, she weighs approximately 72 pounds. While shelter staff at Pima Animal Care Center believe she could be as much as 10 years old, it’s tough to know for sure. If that’s the case, this is certainly a sweet senior alert!

In her home, Neveah lived with other dogs, was housebroken, and enjoyed snoozing in her person’s bed. She lived in that home for seven years, so the shelter is definitely a significant step down from her previous life! Unfortunately, Neveah’s time at PACC has stretched out, and she’s now one of their long-stay residents, which is a designation no dog should ever get.

The shelter is no place for a senior, so it’s time for Neveah to find a retirement home ASAP! She’d prefer one of those all-inclusive 55+ communities with golf, a pool, and all the amenities, but she’s open to discussing the details if you are. FYI, she really enjoys her play pool, though.

Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Animal Rescue Volunteers

Here’s what some of Neveah’s volunteer friends have had to say about her:

“Neveah is a popular lady! Often when I go to walk her, she’s already been out with another of her friends, or someone has laid claim to her, because she has so many fans. Neveah loves to get out on her walks early while it’s still cool, and she is definitely not looking to train for a marathon in her future. She’s an easy-to-walk, leisurely lady who is great company. Love her!”


“Neveah is a gentle dog who takes treats gently with a soft mouth and is easy to leash up. She’d love to be with a new family.”

velvet hippo
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Pima Animal Care Center

PACC says that:

“When meeting other dogs in playgroup, Neveah was social with the other pups but was a bit awkward with her greetings. We think it’s a good idea for everyone (dog, human, or any species, really) to meet a new roommate before moving in, so Neveah would like to meet any resident dogs to make sure they’ll be a good fit.

“This lovely velveteen hippo would really love to get out of the noisy shelter and back to snuggling in a bed (preferably yours.) If you’ve got some room for a friendly pooch of a certain age, ask to meet Neveah today!”

She’s been at the shelter since February 18, 2022, in Kennel D224, and she is ready to go home today! If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting Neveah, please email with additional questions. Her ID# is A769845. Oh, and please share her to up her chances of adoption!

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