Puppy Found Living In Squalor With Severe Skin Infection Gets A Second Chance On A Flight To Freedom

On October 19, 102 cats and 36 dogs will leave an overcrowded shelter in Louisiana and fly on a Flight To Freedom to Washington where shelters are waiting to take them in and find them loving homes. One of the lucky dogs is named Valda who was rescued from a horrible situation.

The Iberville Parish Animal Control and Shelter wasted no time in responding to two calls about a small dog living in horrible conditions. The shelter’s director headed to the property and was heartbroken when she found a puppy living in a filthy pen covered in trash and only dirty water to drink.

Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Control and Shelter

The dog was missing fur due to a severe skin infection but lifted her head and wagged her tail as soon as help arrived.

The owner claimed she was trying to give the puppy away as she didn’t have money for her own medical care, let alone a puppy. She surrendered the dog, and the puppy finally received the care and love she needed.

Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Control and Shelter

The puppy was named Valda, which mean power, and treated for mange and malnutrition. After being showered with love by shelter staff and volunteers, she is finally ready to find her forever home.

The sweet pup will join dozens of other shelter pets on the October Flight To Freedom, in partnership with Greater Good Charities and PetSmart Charities. Every month, at-risk cats and dogs from overcapacity shelters in the South are flown to shelters in the North where adopters are waiting to welcome them home.

Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Control and Shelter

The shelter told us, “Valda is a sweet, loving pup that now has the power she needs to survive. The power of love!”

Thanks to your support, Valda and many others like her will get the second chance they deserve. Learn more about the life-saving flights here.

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