Woman Books a Different Hotel During a Vacation with Her Husband

The story of a married couple does not just end with the happily-ever-after feeling during their wedding ceremony. They will be entering the next stage of their lives. More things will be revealed, and you’ll get to know your partner much deeper. Those revelations will make or break your relationship — marriage is not as easy as others believe. Changes will happen more so when both of you are starting to build a family. Couples will see different sides of each other — including some things they may have kept from each other at the early stages of the relationship.

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A surprising realization about your spouse could even push you to book a different hotel on vacation — even though you have been anticipating the trip throughout your married life. A troubled mother posted this struggle on Reddit about her husband. According to her post, she and her husband were going on their first vacation together in 2020. In over 10 years, that was be their first solo trip together. However nice the idea is, she saw her husband negatively due to the treatment he gave their daughter.

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Their 17-year-old daughter, Annie, was left home alone and doing great with household chores. During their vacation, Annie called her parents to tell them about the hot water heater. Instead of hot water, cold water was coming out of the shower — hence her conclusion that the equipment was broken. The mother knew the father had a problem with their daughter, even with the most minor details. From their daughter’s clothes, music, and doing chores, everything about the daughter upset her husband. He even yelled at their daughter when she called during vacation — complaining about how irresponsible she was by wasting hot water, which was why he had purposely turned the hot water heater down while they were away.

The wife couldn’t help but be bothered by her husband’s behavior, so she booked a different hotel. She was so angry that night, and they had an argument that terribly ruined her mood for the vacation. After the fight, she left the resort and went to a small hotel nearby. The husband tried to talk to her again and dialed her number, but she was determined to ignore him. She even told her daughter to block and ignore her father’s calls. The husband got angrier because the money spent on the trip was wasted.

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Annie’s mother brought the issue up on Reddit as she questioned her actions — was it right to leave her husband and move to another accommodation? Many people commented on her concern while sharing their own experiences. The thread was filled with support and validation. People also pointed out the toxic behavior of the husband and the emotional abuse he inflicts on their daughter. It was a hot topic on Reddit — earning 2.5k comments. Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue by joining the thread. You might have advice that Annie’s mother might need at the moment. What a terrible situation to be in!

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