What Do You Do If Your Partner Fails To Join You For A Vacation? Bring A Pillow With Her Face On It!

Do you know how some people have FoMO, the fear of missing out? Would it be weird to have secondhand FoMO or is that already a thing…

Anyway! Having someone miss out on a good, relaxing vacation can be a bummer. What more if the person that’s missing out on the fun is your significant other?

But such is life. Sometimes, work suddenly calls and you can’t help but give up a vacation you’ve already planned.

Raymond and Joanne Fortunado, a couple from the Philippines, were supposed to enjoy the white sand beaches and clear blue waters of Coron, Palawan, together.

PHOTO: Wikipedia/Theglennpalacio under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

Joanne, unfortunately, got called to work (and the call of capitalism is frankly hard to ignore in this economy) so she had to cancel her vacation plans at the last minute.

Her husband, however, decided to go ahead and enjoy their vacation alone. But not really.

With a pillow of his wife’s face, Raymond kept his wife close and spent his vacation happily and even posted pictures with witty captions on his Facebook.

“Sorry, I was late! The important thing is that I was able to catch up with you,” Joanne said in a comment under the video of her face in the baggage carousel.

It’s safe to say that the girlfriend was okay with her face pillow being paraded in the islands of Palawan and on social media.

Raymond didn’t stop showing off his wife in the airport though. From checking in their hotel, getting their temperature checked, going on a safari park adventure, and even going underwater for a swim!

Raymond can be seen sitting on a boat and putting a safety vest on his wife in a post, captioned with, “Safety first!!!”

Couple goals, am I right?

This couple went viral, and lots of people are already planning on getting their own customized pillow in case of emergencies like this.

And for those who are curious, don’t worry! Joanne’s ready to carry her husband’s face in case the same thing happens to him and gets called to work in the future.

“You’ll be able to wander around someday too,” Joanne said in a Facebook post.

See more pictures of Raymond and Joanne (the face pillow) enjoying their vacation in the Facebook post below.

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