Volunteers Make Thanksgiving Feast For Utah Shelter Animals

The holidays are a time to spend with loved ones and the absence of family can really sting. That’s true not just for people but for animals as well.

It can’t be easy living on the streets or in a shelter while everyone else carries on with life and holiday festivities.

Photo: Facebook/Salt Lake County Animal Services

Volunteers with the Salt Lake County Animal Services wanted to do their part to help the animals feel the holiday spirit, so they got up early on Thanksgiving Day and began cooking.

By the end of the day, the volunteers had spoiled the shelter animals with a beautiful Thanksgiving feast that was homemade with love.

Photo: Facebook/Salt Lake County Animal Services

Dogs and cats alike enjoyed a nutritious, delicious meal that was different from their usual fare.

In case you’re wondering, the shelter shared on Facebook that the meals were 100% veterinarian-approved. Not only were the meals packed with flavor, but they were loaded with nutrition as well!

Photo: Facebook/Salt Lake County Animal Services

The shelter also shared a video of the event on Facebook, so you can see the dogs and cats digging in to their meals. It’s so precious to watch!

It’s truly the efforts of caring volunteers and staff like this that make life in a shelter more bearable for the pets living there. Check out the touching video below:

It’s a good reminder that a little love and effort can go a long way in changing the life of a pet.

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