Redditors Enter Lively Discussion of Their Best “Useless” Skills

Sometimes, a person suddenly discovers a certain skill and eventually realizes that it’s somewhat useless. You can tell that ability can be useless when it doesn’t actually contribute to daily productivity. It’s just existing, and a person uses the skill at the most random of times. Yes, the skill can be pretty impressive, but you’ll never know when you’ll be able to utilize it again. Moreover, that particular talent can sometimes be the reason for putting yourself into trouble, and it’s not something you can flex for being able to do.

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What makes this incredible is that having a useless skill is a common denominator for most people. A Reddit section opened a discussion asking, “What is your useless skill?” The post received 1.4k comments that contained each commenter’s “useless” skill, and each answer became a thread of funny and informative sentiments. The discussion was so engaging and entertaining that it will have you asking yourself, “Do I have a useless skill?”

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Here are some of the useless skills listed from the AskReddit discussion:

Recognizing Fallen Cutlery

“I, for one, can recognize what kind of cutlery falls on the floor with 80% accuracy. Be it a fork, knife, spoon, or teaspoon,” VittoIsOnReddit’s answer to his own question says. Now that’s something you don’t hear every day. The Reddit user edited the comment and added, “fun fact, I was trained to do that.” EclipsedLight replied that the skill is valuable, then VittoIsOnReddit clarified how the talent works. “Unfortunately, by sound. If it was telepathic, it would be useful indeed. I would be a decent magician.”

Fast Runner

Being able to run fast is a valuable skill; however, it only becomes useless when you have asthma. AbbreviationsFit3685 explained that he can only run fast for 12 seconds. You really can’t have it all — his talent is a double-edged sword. Several people replied to his comment, saying they could relate to his problem. Others even joked about The Flash and what if he has the same issue as well.

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Naming Single-Operating Wooden Roller Coasters

This answer from WickedCyclone2015 became a question-and-answer portion in the comment section. It caught Reddit users’ interest, and they tried out WickedCyclone2015’s skill. He can recite the exact names of those roller coasters from North America. So far, he proved himself as he could answer every reply in his comment.

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Determining a Song After Hearing the Tune for Two Seconds

Play the song’s intro, and deckpumps_n_deldos can tell its title after two seconds. Actually, it’s pretty hard to recognize a song, especially when there are no lyrics. This rare skill can be valuable in games or in helping someone with an earworm. Since the talent can’t be used daily or for emergencies, deckpumps_n_deldos consider it purposeless.

The answers mentioned above are some of the comments with the most upvotes. Others have shared their definition of useless skills, and some even joked that theirs have something to do with a personality flaw. Join the discussion; you might also have a skill to share, and some people might connect with you. Moreover, the talent you find purposeless might actually be helpful, and you just need to know someone else’s point of view.

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