Reddit Users Lambast a Man Who Begrudges Wife for Leaving Him Alone in the Hospital

This 35-year-old man is confined in a hospital for serious injuries after a motorcycle accident, but Redditors could not help calling him an a–hole for complaining about his wife!

Original Poster’s name is u/Injuredandalone, and he published his story on Reddit’s ever-controversial r/AmItheA–hole forum. He wrote, “So I (35M) was in a motorcycle accident earlier this week. My wife (35F) has 3 kids from a previous marriage (17F, 10M, 5M), and we have a 1-year-old together. I had a collapsed lung and had a chest tube put in, a broken leg and arm, and torn ligaments in my knee. I’ve been in the hospital since Monday. She came out the day of my accident and stayed until about 4 am. Was back that same morning but has gone home each night.”

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His ultimate heartbreak? OP continued, “Yesterday she only stayed until about 1 pm to prepare the house for the hurricane and didn’t come at all today because the weather wasn’t great and she said she didn’t want to leave the kids. I told her I was upset that I basically went through everything alone. That I would’ve done anything to be with her.”

His wife explained that she has been trying to be there for him as much as possible. But it’s unfair for her to impose on her teenage daughter all the responsibilities at home, particularly taking care of all their kids and the preparation for the hurricane. She also mentioned the need for a lot of help once he comes home from the hospital, and her daughter as the eldest is aware that she will have to devote more time to looking after her siblings.

But OP’s response to his wife? “I told her marriage means through thick and thin, and I feel abandoned.” And he further complained, “Now I’m getting one-word answers from her. AITA for feeling like an afterthought?”

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This man’s self-pitying received a backlash instead!

“Maybe you’re still on drugs and aren’t aware of how much of an AH you sound…? It’s not as though she’s leaving you to go party, she has kids…including one of yours,” one Reddit user commented.

Another person remarked, “This. OP was able to create a whiny ‘please pity me’ Reddit username and write a coherent post. He does not get a pass for pain meds.”

Meanwhile, this candid response from another AITA member won awards and thousands of votes: “This sub is wild to me sometimes. Yesterday some people were calling a 17yo girl an attention-seeking thot because she wore a spaghetti strap dress to a wedding in 95F weather. Today other people are cutting a 35yo man a break for telling his wife she ‘abandoned him’ because she went home at night to be with their baby and three other children during a hurricane – just because he’s on pain meds. 🙄

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“I was hit by a car as a teenager and spent a couple of weeks dosed to the gills on Dilaudid. Unfortunately, I remember most of that time vividly. Narcotics dosages for road accident injuries are a lot higher than for, say, having wisdom teeth removed. Yes, everyone reacts differently, but I felt completely incoherent, and like I was looking at my own body from across the room. I could never have opened Reddit, created a burner, and written a post this fluently. I couldn’t even focus my eyes to read a book, I just stared at the ceiling for days on end. But I also wasn’t wilding out on people, because these meds at these dosages aren’t like getting drunk enough to uninhibitedly talk shit. Speaking like this to his wife, while also being this coherent in written form – he is fully aware of what he is doing, and he’s just an a–hole.

“Sorry you’ve gotten injured, OP; glad you’ll be making it home to raise your kids; and hopeful that once you’re feeling better you’ll apologize to your wife for being a d-ck.”

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