Homeowner Catches UPS Driver Spitting in Mailbox Upon Seeing LGBTQ Pride Flag

“Hey UPS, you want to tell me why your driver spit in my mailbox, looked directly at my pride flag, and then used profanity?”

These are the angry words of Alexander Martin, who posted a video of the alleged incident on Tiktok. The shocking footage came from his Ring doorbell camera, now with more than 190k views on Tiktok and more than 45k votes on Reddit, where it was shared by u/CuppaCoffeeJose.

Photo: Tiktok/amx0110

Shown in the video was a man in a United Parcel Service (UPS) uniform who went up to the porch and put down a package on the floor. There was an LGBTQ Pride flag displayed just outside the home, while a mailbox was mounted on a wall. For no apparent reason, the man opened the mailbox and appeared to spit into it before closing the lid. He also spoke something aloud, but the word was unclear.

A UPS spokesperson told Newsweek, “We do not tolerate that behavior and took appropriate action with our employee as soon as it was brought to our attention.”

Photo: Tiktok/amx0110

Meanwhile, according to the United States Postal Service, only USPS workers must be permitted to handle mailboxes. Further, Newsweek cited this clarification from the USPS: “The U.S. Postal Service would like to warn people that only authorized U.S. Postal Service delivery personnel are allowed to place items in a mailbox. By law, a mailbox is intended only for receipt of postage-paid U.S. Mail.”

Upon viewing the video, many Reddit users could not help but criticize the UPS driver:

Photo: Tiktok/amx0110

One Redditor wrote, “How is there an endless supply of dumb delivery drivers that do dumb sh-t on camera? Don’t they know cameras can be everywhere now?”

Meanwhile, a Reddit user shared their own work principle, “Bro I’m a Letter Carrier for USPS, and I’m afraid to do ANYTHING questionable out there, especially when I go on someone’s porch. I’d say like 30% of people have Ring doorbells nowadays. I probably look like this every time I put mail in someone’s box when their Ring doorbell is right next to it.”


Hey UPS you want to tell me why your driver spit in my mailbox, looked directly at my pride flag, and then used profanity? #ups

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