People Are Spooked After Seeing A Photo Of An Ant’s Face Up Close

Ants are incredible insects. They’re notoriously strong and know how to work together in colonies to achieve their goals. It’s really quite impressive when you think about what they’re capable of given their tiny size.

People around the world were given a new view of ants after a photographer used macro photography to capture the insect up close.

Photo: Unsplash/Prabir Kashyap

An upclose photo of an ant’s face really made a splash when it was entered into the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition 2022.

The photo was captured by Dr. Eugenijus Kavaliauskas and received the title of “Image of Distinction” in the competition.

Check out the photo for yourself below:

Needless to say, many people compared the image to something from a horror film!

Back in April 2021, Dr. Eugenijus Kavaliauskas shared a different up-close image of an ant’s face and it’s just a creepy. It goes to show that wasn’t just the angle or a fluke – ant’s faces really do look like something out of this world!

As it turns out, the image looks especially spooky because the ant’s antennas look like eyes where it joins the head. The ant’s actual eyes are situated further back on its head, making the photos just a tad less intimidating.

Twitter user @ManukePoker shared an up-close image of an ant where you can see its eyes. They captioned the photo, “for those confused, these red, circular things are not its eyes, they’re not on the photo, those are their antennal fossa, heres a picture where the eyes appear.”

@AshokaTheBear agreed with the assessment, sharing:

“So the eyes are further back actually and the antennate joint just looks like that.”

Despite the clarification surrounding the ants’ eyes, people still aren’t sold on the idea. Ants are so tiny, when we look at them up close with the naked eye, we like to think of them as being cute and cartoon-like.

Instead of having monster-like antennas, their faces have adorable little dimples and cute smiles.

It may not be a reality, but sometimes it’s true that ignorance is bliss.

We could’ve lived the rest of our lives without seeing a photo of an ant up close! What about you?

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